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Creative design, visual identity and Product Management for


A platform that enables users to discover sustainable fashion brands according to their values.

The project that has been selected by the program of

“La French Tech Tremplin 2019” to be accompanied and benefits from the support of its organisers as part of “Programme d’investissement d’avenir (PIA)”.

Backed by: BPI France, Investir L'Avenir, 

La French Tech Tremplin, TheCamp.


Industry: Fashion, Tech

Role: Creative Direction, Design,

Product Management

Year: 2019-2022


Conscious Types, a creative solution that was created in collaboration with Test Designer Carolyn Gregoire and the Illustrator PAM to better guide users through values.


By creating a creative test made for people that are curious about sustainable fashion. Each type represents three values which open the door to more info.

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