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Conception and Film Direction of a dance film questioning our relationship with our bodies and exploring who we are as humans.

Featuring Manon Bouquet, a renowned French Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer.

Client: Manon Bouquet

Industry: Dance

Role: Script, Concept, Film & Art Direction, Cinematography, Post-production

Year: 2022

I am born
I breathe
I see
And I feel

I am human

My body
Is it really mine?
Or a vehicle that we’re given to transport our souls
The souls that go through space and time

That love and define us
Experiencing moments
Seeking pleasures, and others
to merge with, to understand and live by.

Not to be alone,

facing the unknown.


Looking for a purpose of existence.

To go the distance.


Aren’t we all lost,

trying to be found.


To make sense,

of what is quite dense,

otherwise intense.


A freedom that is controlled,

is what we are sold.


Stuck in the banalities of life,

with mouths to feed,

and not enough time to read,

to try and stand out from the breed.


All in the hope of finding my own voice,

to find my soul... but is it really mine?

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